2 Major Causes of Sleep Apnea

There are two major causes of sleep apnea that are responsible for loud snoring during sleep. Snoring is mostly found in those people, who are overweight and suffering from obesity, but there are some other factors like having a small upper airway, small jaw, large neck size, smoking, alcohol, and genetic are also causes of snore while sleeping. All these reasons are the primary cause of sleep apnea and loud snoring during sleep.

The common disease, sleep apnea is basically a sleep disorder in which breathing fluctuated repeatedly during sleep. The breathing even can pause for ten seconds or more, which is very dangerous as far as our health is concerned. Once, anyone faces such symptoms, should find a quick solution like how to stop snoring immediately to prevent other severe medical complications. There are basically two factors which are root causes of sleep apnea:

  1. The main reason for sleep apnea is our backside muscles of our throat that become unable to keep the airway open when we breathe during sleep. So, it becomes harder to breathe in and out, which generates a loud snoring sound.
  2. The second cause of sleep apnea is related to our brain, in such condition our brain fails to control the breathing rhythm during sleep. In sleep apnea, loud snoring is common, which results in a low level of oxygen in our blood. Considering such things as high-risk factors, go for a medical consultation, which quickly assists you how to stop snoring immediately in order to have a good sleep.

In such a situation the health risk factors are very high, so we should go for sleep apnea treatment to fix loud snoring immediately.

Symptoms and complications of sleep apnea

Sleep apnea not only disturbs your sleep at night but also causes some other serious medical complications. Regular snoring during sleep is the key indication of sleep apnea disease. People suffering from sleep apnea may be highly affected by sleeplessness. Such patients with loud snoring are also found difficulty in concentrating, focusing, memory-related issues, falling asleep during work, depression, sexual dysfunction, and high blood pressure.

All such symptoms are very risky and should be treated quickly without any delay. Before going for any medical treatment, you should find out the causes of sleep apnea. A proper diagnosis can help to find out how to stop snoring immediately depending upon conditions to reduce other medical complications.

How to stop snoring immediately naturally?

There are various medical treatments are available nowadays like CPAP mask, nasal strips, and surgery, etc. for quicker relief from sleep apnea. But, it can be also minimized or cured by making some changes in our daily lifestyle naturally at home:

Maintain an ideal BMI

As we have seen that obesity is a primary cause of sleep apnea. So, we should focus on the weight loss program in order to maintain an ideal BMI. Too much fat in our body results in obstructing the airway and narrowing down the nasal passage. These breathing hindrances can cause you to stop breathing suddenly for a while and also the rhythm of your breathing fluctuates while you rest at night. So, maintaining an ideal healthy weight can be helpful to reduce the symptoms and causes of sleep apnea naturally at home without any medicine.

Change your sleeping posture

Besides weight loss, you should also concentrate on changing your sleeping posture. If you want to find out a quick answer about how to stop snoring immediately, you should think out changing your sleeping position at night while sleeping.

Some studies have revealed that sleeping on your back can maximize the snoring problem, but the problem is reduced when you sleep on the side. So, try to sleep on the side at a maximum in order to reduce sleep apnea.