4 Benefits of Siddhasana the best yoga for beginners

Benefits of Siddhasana

In basic yoga poses, there are some asanas that look simple but are actually very beneficial. One of such yoga asanas is siddhasana. It is basically a combination of two different words “siddha” and “asana” derived from Sanskrit which means “Perfect Pose” which is the simplest form of sitting yoga poses. It is an ideal yoga for beginners who want to include yoga in their fitness routine. Siddhasana is one of the most common poses which is suitable for meditation.

How to do Siddhasana step by step

It is a sitting type of yoga asana, to obtain maximum benefits from it, you should perform all steps correctly. It is an easy yoga for beginners, to start siddhasana basic yoga poses, follow these steps:

  1. The first step is to sit down on the ground on a flat surface, for better comfort you can use a yoga mat or a folded blanket, and then keep your legs straight and parallel in front of you.
  2. Now bend your right knee, bring it towards the area between the abdomen and the thigh of the left leg by holding the foot with the help of both hands.
  3. Take your left foot in by bending from the knee, place it over the ankle of the right foot in a crossed position, you should be feeling comfortable at this position.
  4. Place your arms straight keeping your palms upwards, your wrists should be on your knees, also make sure that your knees are touching the ground.
  5. Make your spine straight.
  6. Keep your eye straight.
  7. Finally, forget about the world, just concentrate on your breathing, and continue the same pose as long as you feel comfortable. You can change your leg position alternatively if you feel stretching or uncomfortable

When performing basic yoga poses, initially you will feel some stretching in your inner thigh area, but it goes away after few days.

4 Health Benefits of Siddhasana

  1. Siddhasana is not only an easy yoga for beginners but also it is one of the best asanas for meditation. It is a sitting yoga poses; it stretches the hips, knees, ankles, chest, shoulders and provides flexibility in your pelvis area also.
  2. It also helps to control and stabilize reproductive organ activities which help to control sexual urges.
  3. It enables a better flow of energy by regulating the blood circulation in the entire body especially in the spinal region which helps to keep your spinal cord straight.
  4. Siddhasana stabilizes the nervous system, helps to reduce the stress level, and decreases anxiety which is very helpful in concentration and meditation. It enhances the clarity of mind and keeps you calm that encourages humble behavior and a positive attitude.

Safety and Precaution during Siddhasana

As we know that siddhasana is a basic form of yoga for beginners who are looking for meditation, and it is also very safe and has so many health benefits. No doubt anyone can do it, but if you have any medical issues related to ankles, hip, sciatica, and knee, you should avoid it.

With these basic yoga poses, in the beginning, you will feel a stretch in your groin area, hips, and inner thighs which is common but if you feel pain in any of these areas, you should not continue anymore without consulting your doctor or yoga trainer.